What is the PQR?

The Physician’s Quality Registry (PQR) is a CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). The PQR was approved and endorsed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on December 11, 2017 as a QCDR for QPP MIPS reporting and data submission.

What does The PQR do?

The PQR collects quality measures data for the clinicians (both individual and groups) and submits it to CMS on their behalf. A QCDR is one of four methods of quality measures data submission and provides the most flexibility for participating in the incentive program.

What MIPS categories does The PQR support?

The PQR supports the 3 MIPS Categories that require data submission:

  • Quality
  • Promoting Interoperability
  • Improvement Activities

What measures does The PQR support?

The PQR supports all measures approved for the 2023 reporting year. Click here to see measures supported.